Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taft's favourite food? Crow a l'orange...

I remain relatively away from the blog... but someone forwarded this to me and I just had to share it with you (again, sans hyperlink... sorry):

The ridiculousness of Kevin Taft and the Alberta-liberals?-i-thought-they-were-extinct-Liberal caucus continues.


Also came across this piece of excellent news:

Many congratulations to the Premier, Minister Liepert and ATA President Frank Bruseker for getting this deal done. This is a win-win situation and all involved deserve a pat on the back.

Neil Waugh also gets the quote of the year from Liberal Finance Critic Rick Miller who says "this means our policy platform just got a page shorter."

That's a big problem to the supposed government in waiting, given the holes that exist in what's left of the rickety document they call a platform.

I'm looking forward to this election... wonder how many Liberal MLAs are thinking the same?

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  1. Best line in Waugh's piece was the one where he referred to the ALP as the "political arm of the ATA".

    It is funny, but there is more to it. With Frank Bruseker as a Liberal MLA in the Decore years, the distinctions between the Decore-ALP "government-that-almost-was" of the early 1990's, and the Taft-ALP "shadow ministers" could not be more clear.

    Under Taft, you have a motley crew of "would-have-been-NDP-if-I-could-get-elected"'s, bench-warmers, "make-my-own-fertilizer" Gaia environmentalists, and some economic illiterates, sprinkled very -shall we say conservatively- with a few MLAs capable of rational thought.

    Bruseker's kind words for the Premier (seen in the context of then having to go back to his anti-Tory union office) are telling, and can't be anything but a bitter pill for some of the current Liberal caucus.