Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heroes, Criminals, and Holy Terrors

On today's agenda...


First, and most importantly, you all need to sign this petition.

Some background:

Constable Chris Garrett was killed in Ontario in the line of duty protecting the lives of his colleagues and civilians. His fellow officers waited to apply for a medal of valour from the Governor General until the trial of his killer was finished to ensure a fair trial. His killer was convicted and the application was sent off to the GGs office. Where it was promptly denied because it was too long after his death. There is a petition circulating online for Canadians to sign to pressure the GGs office to reconsider. Please follow the link to sign the petition.

This brave Canadian deserves better than a bureaucratic runaround.


Speaking of runarounds, it seems that Karlheinz Schreiber wasn't ready to talk after all... then promptly started to answer questions.

The latest spin in this intricate web is that the deal he made with former PM Brian Mulroney was for $500,000 not $300,000 as has been so widely reported.

I suspect there will be a number of contradictions, clarifications, and re-fabrications as this saga continues to unfold.

I'll admit that i'm neither a staunch defender or critic of the former PM. But I do have to wonder why so much credibility is being given to Mr. Schreiber, a convicted criminal?


My patience is growing very thin surrounding this whole uproar in Calgary Egmont.

I understand that this debate is going to be heated with some logical arguments on both sides. What drives me nuts, though, are the radical and highly charged statements that are coming from certain individuals and organizations. Namely, Concerned Christians Canada.

Jim Blake, a spokesman for the group founded by Craig Chandler, said recently "This is not an issue of Craig Chandler being an intolerant person, it's a party that's saying we don't want people of faith in our party that are going to speak their values in any way, shape or form, even if it's not in the political forum."

What utter nonsense! People of faith are no longer welcome in PC Alberta?

I look at our caucus and I see many people of faith who are darn proud of it, too. A quick glance at PC caucus bios and you will many people who are active members of their Churches, some who have served in leadership roles within their faith community... even a Reverend!

The issue is not whether people of faith are welcome in PC Alberta. The answer to that question is a clear and resounding "yes". The issue is whether or not people who take their views to an extreme that warrants intervention from the Human Rights Commission are welcome.

The answer to that question should be clear to you, me, the PC executive, and the Premier.


Quickly before I go, one of the best lines i've heard in Alberta Question Period in a long time. It was delivered by Energy Minister Mel Knight in response to yet another accusation from Liberal Energy Critic Hugh MacDonald that Alberta is "secretly" planning to export power to the United States:

"Perhaps the member wants to climb a pole someplace and watch the
electrons. They can go both directions."

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  1. Thats freaking HILARIOUS. After years of studying religion and Christianity I rest quite assured one of the things that turn me off the most is fundamentalist Christians.

    God, please save us from your followers! :P