Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Odds and Ends

UPDATED with results from Calgary North West!

The hotline from Calgary North West informs me that technology worker and community activist Lindsay Blackett has won a competitive race against law enforcement officer Vince Caleffi. This was the last of the big races in Calgary and, given the population of the riding, had a very impressive turnout.

Some people have suggested that the ghost of Frank Bruseker (former Liberal MLA for the riding) may yet rise and see this riding fall to the Liberals in the election. Something tells me that ain't gonna happen.


Congratulations are to be extended to Robin Campbell, winner of last night's PC nomination in the constituency of West Yellowhead.

Mr. Campbell is currently the head of the local chapter of the United Mine Workers and has been a staunch supporter of PC Alberta (and Ivan Strang) ever since the government took a stand in support of the Cheviot mine. In an interview at the time of his announcement, Campbell said "we understood that the PCs supported us and helped us keep our jobs. That goes a long way with us, and it goes a long way with me.”

Sounds to me like he's very much in touch with the people of West Yellowhead. I'm sure he'll make a fine MLA.


Finally, a few brief words about the ongoing saga in Calgary Egmont.

The PC Alberta executive, a body to which I was elected 3 times, will be meeting this weekend to decide the future of Craig Chandler as the party's candidate in Egmont. I can completely understand the position in which the executive has been placed.

My best advice to PCAA exec members is to carefully consider the ramifications of allowing someone with a history of remarks that are contradictory to the party's Statement of Principles to be a representative before and during an election.

In many ways, the horse has already left the barn when it comes to the media frenzy surrounding this story. No matter how PCAA proceeds, it will be news and will result in some very intense scrutiny. What needs to be weighed is which group we should be more concerned about accomodating... Chandler's supporters or a broad cross-section of the Alberta public who are still undecided voters?

One more thing. Speaking of Chandler's supporters, I wish this man would go away. Mr. Crutcher is not reflective of the average PC Alberta member, nor does he have much of a history in the party.

He was thrust into the spotlight when elected President of Calgary Egmont as part of a takeover attempt in the lead up to the nomination. Mr. Crutcher can huff and puff about the party and its processes all he wants, but I don't think he has much credibility in the party or amongst the general public.

Should he chose to resign if the PCAA decision isn't to his liking, I think your average Alberta Tory would welcome the move.


  1. Heard Chandler voted in the nomination despite the fact that he doesn't live in Egmont. He lied to the CRO about splitting with his wife and living in his campaign manager's basement. Couple of days later, nice article appears about the Chandler family.

  2. The discussion here about where Chandler resided is slander.

    He NEVER talked to the CRO and spent only a few days at Crutcher's pad before moving to a seperate address in Riverbend.

  3. Gordon ClarkeDecember 22, 2007

    If you are seperated from your wife would you not have 2 residences?

    Pretty shabby folks.

    Chandler is alright with me. Jonathan Denis is a pushy bastard.