Friday, November 16, 2007

I should really get a personal odometer...

So remember how I said I wasn't going to blog for the next few days? Well the advent of wireless at your average highway-side inn has made a little more possible.

I just wanted to quickly post a thank you to everyone who offered birthday wishes today. Given that I spent the entirety of my birthday in a car between Wisconsin and Ontario, it was nice to return to Canada to so many emails, facebook messages and voicemails.

I've been on the highway since Wednesday helping a friend move from Medicine Hat to Peterborough. Its been a fun drive, thankfully free of any nasty weather or major delays... we've truly been blessed with a wonderful trip that i'll have some more reflections on when I get home.

Before I go, congratulations to Bill Donahue who will be taking on Laurie Blakeman in Edmonton Centre! It seems like the Edmonton Centre crew is really ready to get at it and I wish them nothing but success in returning a rational voice to the Capital Seat. Also, polls have been closed in Calgary North Hill for almost 2 hours. I have yet to find any news, but i'm hoping that i'll be able to congratulate Kyle Fawcett on a nomination victory in my next post!

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