Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back in the country with a few things to declare...

Hello faithful readers!

After an enjoyable journey to New York i'm exhausted and happy to be back in my own bed. I had planned on photoblogging the trip, but it wasn't in the cards. Rather than give you the post-mortem here, all my photos are up on facebook. If you're on facebook and not yet one of my friends, feel free to add me.

Its been pretty busy while i've been away. Rather than go into great detail about a great many things, here's some stuff that caught my eye:

This guy, it seems, still sucks. No surprise there. Watch for these guys to keep trying to spread even more distance from these guys. Also, watch for more incredulous attempts to emphasize the supposed distance to be blown out of the water thanks to things like this.

Perhaps I will collect them and publish "How to Alienate Your Base for Dummies".

Prime Minister Harper was in my hometown of Fort McMurray on Monday! This is big news since we haven't had a Prime Minister visit since Chretien in1996. Its excellent that the PM got a chance to see the oilsands first hand and hear from community leaders. The Municipality's communications shop, though, gets low marks for allowing the Mayor's comments to be trumped by the MP's mother in the CTV story.

The Alberta Legislature is back in session and one of the two groups of socialists in the house apparently have an agenda. Should be fun watching that crumble to pieces. In addition to trying to defend their Johnny-Come-Lately position on royalties, their Energy Critic is also supposedly going to be standing up for rural Albertans with respect to Bill 46.

This is the same MLA who is also the Agriculture Critic (I didn't know they did much farming in Edmonton-Gold Bar) who tried to shame hard working farmers who get a farm fuel rebate and suggested they have their names listed on a website, similar to the way pedophiles are in some jurisdictions. Defending rural Alberta my ass...

Speaking of the Alberta-no-liberals-here-Liberal Party, it seems that someone has some pretty sour grapes about Larry Johnsrude's new gig. I've already expressed my thoughts that its sad to see Larry jump on with Gilligan and his Crew, but I respect him nonetheless.

Well Graham Thomson, his former Edmonton Journal colleague and the guy I thought would be a shoo-in for the job, has a column today that reads like something straight from the Liberal talking points file (somewhere in a deep, dark corner of the Leg. Annex).

Cheer up Graham. If you're still itching to give up the cloak of journalism and come out of the proverbial ideological closet, i'll bet these guys would hire you. Upon close examination you'll find their policies eerily similar and their electability on par with Alberta's other socialist caucus.

It's good to be home :)

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  1. RE: Johnsrude. I also thought he was a pretty balanced guy. I remember when Paul Stanway and Tom Olsen went to work for the Premier. Graham Thomson commented on that one also, and said something to the effect that if he were ever offered a position, he would know he was doing something wrong.

    But hey, why would the Alberta Liberals hire him? They already get him for free. Every once in a while, like clockwork, he takes a weak jab at the ALP, to "prove his balance", as they say. Then he goes back to far more important stuff, like criticizing someones' verbal delivery.