Saturday, April 1, 2006

Deer in the headlights

This post's title sums up the look on my face and the face of many of my fellow conservatives this morning.

A lot of us knew that last night's vote on Premier Klein's leadership wasn't going to be the resounding success that it has been in the past. We all knew that the Premier had a number of critics present this weekend.

But I don't anyone can sincerely tell you, regardless of how they voted, that they expected a 55-45 split.

The result leaves a lot of questions unanswered. We as a party are reflecting on that all over this convention this morning. That said, the fundamental question that needs to be answered can only be answered by the Premier himself.

As we wait for that answer, some will be happy and some sad. For my part, I remain in complete and utter disbelief.


  1. Heard about the vote from Kristen. From the west coast, I have trouble imagining it as a rejection of Ralph himself, his leadership as premier, or his legacy to the province. Rather, I suspect it indicates an enthousiasm to move into a new period of renewed conservative ideas and policies. He was taking a little long to wave goodbye, even if you think that was his right after his time of leading and renewing Alberta.

  2. Even us media types were stunned by that number. I read the wire copy several times, blinked, read it again and was surprised the number didn't change.
    I still think you should run! Blake for Premier!!

  3. No longer in utter disbelief, Blake, I trust? Events certainly proved the old adage that a week is a long time in politics. Let's see...what have we learned? A feeble speech while (predictably) asking to be Leader, gets you 55%; a good speech while (unexpectedly) agreeing to be Leader gets you....28%. Oh, and in getting from one to the other, a scapegoat was necessary and one was found -- this, at least, was predictable.