Friday, March 31, 2006

Il bloggo del conventione... er... roundo two-o

Well last night's PCYA reunion was nothing short of a resounding success. My hat goes off to Sonya, Mort, Grant, Cynthia, Pam and anyone else who had a hand in organizing this absolutely supurb event.

It was fabulous to see so many friends (both youth and not-so-youth) in attendance from all over the province. In addition to us regular-type delegates, the evening also saw 4 potential Leadership candidates drop by... Dinning, Oberg, Hancock, and Morton (although he left pretty early).

And then, of course, there was the guy who still has that Premier's gig. He delivered a short, written speech to the crowd that was assembled downstairs... hinted that he's going to talk about "the future" (presumably of the province, rather than his career) tonight during his speech to the PC delegates.

I'm looking forward to hearing what exactly the Premier has planned for the remainder of his term. And from what I could gather last night with the first die-hard tories to arrive at convention... the Premier's speech tonight will go a long way in affecting the outcome of his vote later on.

Completely different subject... last night I was also very humbled to find out that there are many many more people out in cyberspace who read this little blog than I ever would have thought. Its very flattering, and I sincerely appreciate your readership and comments.

One of the comments I got last night was that people wished I would be a little more outspoken. Fair game. I'm still going to try to avoid getting front page coverage in the Herald, but i'll try and spin things a little less before I post them.

I'll perhaps try that approach a little later today, after i've chatted with some more arriving delegates. In the meantime, though, its 6am and I think I may need some more sleep.

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  1. well Mr. Robert, i expect a full report on the bloodbath, holy mother of god, 55%, that is the worst leadership result ever i think. let your fans know what the hell happened