Saturday, April 15, 2006

A very looooooooong weekend

I don't really have any substantial comments to make of late, but knowing that so many of you readers are out there compells me to give you something... so here goes, in random order:

1. I'm bored. 3 days off in Fort McMurray can mean a lot of things, but most often it means you head out of town. Since I was gone for the latter half of March, though, that doesn't seem plausible. There are some things to do here, but precious little that can be done alone. Hence, this weekend is a good reminder of why i'm moving in September.

2. GO BARONS! The M.O.B. are just one win away from clinching the AJHL championship and moving on to the Doyle Cup (between the top teams of the AJHL and BCJHL respectively).

3. I think Stephen Harper kicks ass. It would seem that the majority of Canadians think so too.

4. I read Graham Thomson frequently and disagree with him almost as frequently. If there was any doubt that he is a pawn for the Alberta Liberal Party (and one of the only people who finds Kevin Taft "visionary"), it is plain as day in his latest blog post. What worse is that, after reading the document, I am even more convinced that the Alberta Liberal Party is nothing more than a B-team conglomeration of wannabes.

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