Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stay tuned

Hello from sunny Kelowna!

My folks' new house is amazing and I can't wait to spend more time out here, but for now I must shift my focus homeward for the next few months as I prepare to make the move westward myself.

Its been fun setting up a new (and much larger) home, sort of like watching the first episode of a TV series that has changed settings (think Rhoda from Mary Tyler Moore or Frasier from Cheers). The people here are really quite friendly and the pace is generally more enjoyable, exactly what my parents need and deserve after all these years in McMurray.

For my part, i'll start winding things down back home over the next couple of months. I'll have to step down from the boards I sit on, all of which I will miss terribly.

The biggest departure for me will be from my seat of the Provincial Executive of the PC Party of Alberta. I have sat around that table in a few roles now for more than 3 years, all of which have been an enriching experience.

My departure, though, will provide me with an opportunity to express some views more candidly than I am able to as a member of the executive. I have tempered many of my comments related to the PC Party of Alberta not because we are under any kind of "gag order", but rather out of respect for my fellow executive members and the party in general (not to mention learning a lesson a few years ago about how NOT to say things when you have a title).

But after May 6, I will no longer have a title with PC Alberta. I will be submitting my resignation so that the party will have ample time to pick a new Regional Director for Northeastern Alberta prior to the commencement of the Leadership Race. I know its a bit early to step aside, but I don't want to see my region left without representation during the race simply because I wanted to hang on a little longer.

So after May 6, those of you who had asked for a little more "spice" in my comments will be rewarded...

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