Saturday, April 8, 2006

Back to reality

Alright, i'm finally back in McMurray and have settled back into (relatively) normal life again. Time then for another round of the exceptionally popular this and that:

Final thoughts on the Leadership Review vote:

Its too bad that Ralph has to go this way. Blame for the result can be placed in many hands on either side of the equation. Either way, it's done and now we move on with picking a new leader.

The Preston Question:

The possibility of a Manning candidacy changes everything in this race. It realigns loyalties and certainly changes the tone of the race. I, personally, am quite torn by it all. I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Manning and believe that if we ignore some of the big ideas he speaks about, we do so at our own peril. The question is, will he be embraced as the man who can save our party from electoral oblivion, or is he just a slightly younger Ed Schreyer trying to clamour back into the limelight. I have yet to answer that question for myself.

New Provincial Cabinet Members:

Congrats are in order to Denis Ducharme, Denis Herard, George VanderBurg and Barry McFarland, all of whom get to precede their names with "Honourable" as of 3:30pm Thursday. I know 3 of these 4 gentlemen reasonably well, and am very excited to see their exceptional talents being put to use at the cabinet table. While i'm not necessarily a fan of a 25-member cabinet, if we have to have one i'm sure glad these guys are there.

Stupid Cabinet Factoid #1:

Advanced Education shifted from D.H. to D.H. (Dave Hancock - Denis Herard).

Stupid Cabinet Factoid #2:

Of the 4 new Ministers, 2 of them are Denis. Both spelled the francophone way (because they're both francophone).

Stupid Cabinet Factoid #3:

Both of the new Minister Denis' wives are named Rose.

The Paradox that is me:

Last night I went to a live taping of The Vinyl Cafe, a wonderful show on CBC Radio 1. It was a fantastic evening... if you ever get the chance to go see Stuart McLean and this show live, DO IT.

Tonight, I shift from the artsy, CBC-esque crowd at Keyano Theatre to Thickwood Heights Arena to cheer on my beloved Fort McMurray Oil Barons as they battle for the AJHL championship. My sister's boyfriend is from Camrose, whose Kodiaks we are playing in this round. He was, in fact, the one who informed me that our two teams would be playing each other... ... I have since called to express my condolences for their impending slaughter at the hands of the mighty Oil Barons.

And finally, the best line this week from federal Question Period:

In response to a question regarding the "seduction" of David Emerson to cross the floor and become the Conservative Trade Minister...

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper: "Mr. Speaker, I don't think i've ever been accused of seducing anyone, not even my wife."

Mrs. Harper, incidentally, was sitting in the gallery at the time.

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