Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A worthy editorial

I saw Michael Hall, Managing Editor of the Fort McMurray Today, at lunch this afternoon. He made a little request to have me link to the blog that their newspaper has set up to reprint editorial content (which doesn't appear on their main website).

Conveniently, I happened to wander over to their humble little blog and found an editorial worth passing along:

The points made are bang-on. Even as an armchair parliamentarian (its like an armchair quarterback, but way geekier), i've been bemoaning things like the removal of dredging services from the Athabasca River as a prime example of how little consideration we get from Ottawa.

Hopefully our representative in the Nation's Capital will heed the advice in this editorial.

Hopefully, too, we have seen the last of the days when our representative has been confused about everything ranging from the allocation of funding to his opinion of the Prime Minister to his responsibilities as a Parliamentary Secretary.

We live in the single most economically important riding in this country... we need no less than a rock-solid and 100% focused voice in Ottawa.


  1. RumbleStripApril 12, 2006

    A sharp shot across the bows of your MP, no? Honey works better than vinegar.

  2. They should have you cross posting at their blog Blake ;-)