Thursday, February 21, 2008

A pre-debate message

While I was out today, I was informed that Premier Ed Stelmach and the PC Party has released a fully-costed platform. The other parties, meanwhile, have yet to provide costs on their campaign promises.

Now I personally don't expect a costed platform from the fringe parties since they don't really have the resources to do so, nor do I expect it from the NDP since they don't really understand economics anyway.

I DO, however, think that a party that believes they can form the next government would be able to give us an idea of what their promises will cost. Mind you, I also expect them to run a full slate of candidates.

Either way, I decided to let Microsoft Paint do the talking for me...


  1. "Fully costed" my ass. Most of the promises don't have prices at all but rather are listed as "ongoing priorities" - as if that means they won't cost anything.

  2. It means it is already in the ongoing costs current budgetted into government spending, dumbass!

    Geez some people - what do they think governments do every day?

    I think the same thing happened with the Liberals in the last election. Spending promises out of the yingyang with no apparent real thought to what that mean for the taxpayers of Alberta. Frankly, it scares me... I moved to Alberta for this economy and feel safer here with my family than any other province I have lived in (they've all been left party governments). I don't want that to happen here.

  3. Blake, I can't stand it when governments, especially those that purport to be conservative, list tax cuts as "costs", implying that the initial reduction of revenue is enduring, and not a stimulus for greater revenue growth in the future.

    Now, I didn't read the entire costed platform, just the picture there, but it still bugs me.

    - Dennis