Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finally, some Love

There are a lot of us harping on about this election on the internet. In our ramblings, most of us will find ourselves both hitting and missing the mark... and either result is possible from the same post depending on the views of the reader.

One of the blogs i've been following is the Election Insiders on the Calgary Herald's webpage. They feature periodic (certainly not daily) musings from Tory Rod Love and Liberal Daryl Fridhandler.

I usually read Fridhandler more for entertainment than anything else since he's akin to the old Iraqi Information Minister... you know, "there is no PC lead in the polls, Kevin Taft connects with all Albertans, victory will soon be ours!"... that kinda thing.

Rod Love, on the other hand, I read regularily. Not because I agree with everything he says, either. Oddly enough, I seem to find myself disagreeing with him more than agreeing, particularily around the time when he and former PC campaign manager and MLA Marv Moore were complaining that this campaign lacked excitement... no one who had a hand in the planning and direction of the 2004 campaign can complain about boring, period.

Yesterday, though, Rod had a post that goes after the Edmonton Journal's Paula Simons (think Graham Thomson but with longer hair and glasses) for an absurd piece on the politics at play within the PC Party down in Calgary. And i'm talking ABSURD... like "people who get discounts for regular attendance at Star Trek conventions wouldn't come up with this" kind of absurd.

Anyway, Rod sets the record straight for Paula and any other conspiracy theorist out there in the media or the Liberal war room/phone booth:

Calgary Tories don't hate Ed Stelmach. Our guy lost the leadership race, Eddie won it, fair and square. We're Tories first and foremost, and we're not going to let any long-winded, red-faced, know-it-all, talk-down academic from the U of A roll down Highway 2 and tell everyone that his economic disaster is a better option for our city and our province.


  1. The only reason your second ballot votes for Ed counted is because Dinning was in third (read last) place on the ballot.

  2. No bitter Dinning supporters in Calgary?

    Blake, my friend, you've been out of the province for too long!

  3. Of course the Dinning supporters in Calgary were disappointed. However, the fact that most of them are actively campaigning in this election should put an end to speculation that they are waiting for Ed to lose.

    As for Dinning himself, Love has it right - he has no interest in running again, ever.

  4. It is too bad the Calgary folks did not do a better job of electing another Calgary suit as leader. The 2004 PC popularity vote dropped a lot because of the Progressive Calgary Party.and another Oil type suit would have given a real chance at changing governments. Unfortunately a leader was chosen that actual appeals to the rest of the province.Thus it will be a PC majority again and the number of voters who vote PC will be way up from 2004.

  5. If you look at the folks that supported Jim Dinning, and who they are helping - they are helping candidates that supported Jim Dinning.

    They are helping their team, not the party.

    Has Dinning moved on? Who knows? It's all rumors and speculation as of now, but I've heard from a source near him that he is ready to jump in again.