Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Late additions

There was an attempt from the Liberals to make political hay yesterday with the fact that two ridings were still missing PC candidates.

Nobody noticed because they were wrong.

The Premier appointed candidates to fill gaps in Edmonton Strathcona and Calgary Montrose. I'm particularily pleased not only because he chose two people under 30 which highlights the diversity of the PC team, but also because I know both of these fine appointees.

T.J. Keil, who was unsuccessful in his bid for the nomination in Highlands-Norwood, gets to fly the party colours in Edmonton Strathcona. As I've said before, T.J. is an outstanding young conservative with limitless energy. As a recent U of A grad, he's sure to bring a different perspective on an important issue for the voters in his constituency. Edmonton Strathcona is traditionally a three-way race and home to a Conservative MP. That T.J. has the Premier's confidence is a testament to both his abilities and his future in our party.

Down in Calgary Montrose, I was thrilled to see my friend Manmeet Bhullar chosen to carry the torch. There's no question that there has been some upheaval in the Montrose organisation. To mount an effective campaign to elect a PC MLA requires someone with enthusiasm and the ability to unify. Manmeet is, without question, the man for the job. He is a top notch organizer, an outstanding member of his community, and undoubtedly ready for the job.

I look forward to watching these campaigns unfold and wish my friends the very best of luck!

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