Monday, February 11, 2008

If its Monday, i'm still stuck on the Island

You'll have to forgive the title of this post. Some context for those new readers who may not know: i'm in the process of moving from Victoria back to Alberta. I'm packed up with all of my worldly possessions loaded onto the moving truck. I was supposed to leave on Wednesday of last week, but I remain on Vancouver Island because of the closure of the Coquihalla Highway. Its getting a little annoying to say the least.

Anyway, back to the issues at hand...

Many of us believe that, if they really wanted to be competitive in this election, the Liberals would totally ignore their fellow lefties in the NDP. And, while they claim to be doing so, it appears as though they're more worried about NDP competition than they let on. Kevin Taft is seen to be taking aim at Brian Mason in the media, and the Liberals #1 blogger dedicates an entire post to slamming their supposedly "irrelevant" opposition.

(As an aside while we're on the topic of irrelevant politicians, is anyone out there surprised by this?)

I can understand that the Liberals are worried about the effect the NDP may have on their voters, particularily in their red fortress of Edmonton. The way things are going, though, it may end up being a moot point given that there are serious cracks appearing in Liberal support in the Capital.

Meanwhile today, the Premier showed that he's not about to back down in the face of criticism as he was launching a common-sense green plan to help consumers reduce their energy consumption.

If the protester thought he was going to knock the Premier off message, he was sorely mistaken. Its a taste of Ed Stelmach's ability to stand up for what he believes in, and something I look forward to seeing showcased during the Leader's Debate in a few weeks time.


  1. I agree BR, Ed certainly didn't get knocked off message! His fear-mongering and spewing of baseless statistics was sharp as ever. Kudos.

  2. Could you imagine if Kevin Taft ever had to deal with a heckler?

    But that would mean that someone from outside his little couterie actually cared what he had to say.

  3. Yeah, he told us about the $150000 heating bill I'd be getting without even noticing the heckler...