Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Memo to Calgary

I'm still going through the Liberal "costing" document in order to exploit its many flaws. My search for an apartment in Calgary, though, has been taking priority so the previously promised debunking won't be ready for a couple of days.

I find myself thinking a lot about Calgary lately since i'll finally be home in less than a week. I've also been thinking about the situation in Calgary this election.

It has been well-reported that Calgarians are not nearly as firmly in the PC camp as they have been in past elections. It should be noted that what has been under-reported is the big blue locomotive bearing down on Edmonton that the Liberals don't even see coming, but I digress.

Calgary is a special city and Calgarians are a special lot. Given the power that the city has wielded in provincial affairs over the past decade, its understandable that there is some anxiety surrounding the new regime. What isn't understandable, however, is the rationale behind a potential shift in the colour of Calgary's electoral map.

Here, then, is a 10-point list of things I think Calgarians should remember on March 3rd:

10. The Flames and the Stampeders are the only red we need.

9. The PC team in Calgary is far more reflective of our city than any other party. To address your local priorities, you can't ask for better than Shiraz Shariff, Yvonne Fritz, Moe Amery, Manmeet Bhullar, Wayne Cao, Art Johnston, Cindy Ady, Dave Rodney, Heather Forsyth, Jonathan Denis, Ron Stevens, Alison Redford, Sean Chu, Arthur Kent, Ron Liepert, Alana Delong, Lindsay Blackett, Jennifer Diakiw, Leah Lawrence, Kyle Fawcett, Neil Brown, Teresa Woo-Paw and Len Webber.

8. Even the man formerly known as the biggest Liberal in town is now keen on Stelmach.

7. Deny it as they may, the Alberta Liberals are pretty tight with these guys. Think he understands Calgary?

6. Kevin Taft cheers for the Oilers.

5. The PC committments to Calgary are comprehensive, realistic, and properly costed.

4. Don't support the Kyoto wealth transfer scheme? Well they do.

3. The people who write the PC platform can actually do math.

2. Pissed off about royalties? Fine. Think that electing (either intentionally or by default) a bunch of people who want to make it worse will help your cause? I didn't think so.

1. I've just spent 2 years of my life being represented by socialists. I'm not moving back to Calgary only to get the same kind of malarky from people in red suits.


  1. Ed cheers for the Oilers too. Way to select the truth..

  2. Yet another liberal poster who seriously doesn't understand that the margins on the oilsands are tight. Interestingly, your post helps me to decide to actually show up and vote for the Tories!

  3. Oh jk, we remember the NEP, sort of how the Americans, remember the Alamo, it's part of our history, that we swear to never forget. When Liberals talk about hard caps, and shutting down new oilsands production, do you seriously think Alberta would benefit? Canada? The only ones to benefit will be the econuts and the Liberals, they can't wait to get their hands on our money, to spend it badly.

  4. Who needs a lib boogey man we've got Eddie! He who takes from the rich and gives it to his friends. He who claims that royalties belong to Albertans except we never get to see the benefits of raised rates. With multiple years of billion dollar surplus' we are still paying healthcare premiums which is only fair because the royalty increase shut down the gas drilling industry so the government has to make up its shortfall somewhere. After all how will it maintain its surplus position now that it has paid off the teachers union and is now about to face the wrath of the nurses and silly servants.

    If I wanted a premier named Eddie I would opt for the dog on Frasier.

  5. JK is a bloody communist. You really have your head up your ass pal.

  6. The Space CowboyFebruary 24, 2008

    Stephen Harper is implementing hard caps. Is he a Kyoto radical?

    Didn't think so.

    This blog is hopeless drivel. Buh-bye.

  7. More importantly, what does Craig Chandler think about all of this?

  8. I think you should re-read your own post. If the Tories had spent even a Calgary minute to consider what the impact of unbridked growth in this province, you woulnd't have such a hard time finding a place to live. Duh!
    Even the oil patch now concedes that approving billions in projects all at once was not a good idea. However, Eddie the Unready can't make the tough decision to "touch the brake." A day of reckoning is at hand. It may not come March 3, but it will come.

  9. Anonymous at 5:58:

    With such witty and informed commentary, I'm surprised you post anonymously! You can't even cobble together one half-hearted argument to establish jk's 'communist' leanings? So much for constructive criticism.

  10. Hello! There's another option here!

    Wildrose Alliance: Your Choice For Change

  11. Brian, shouldn't you be doorknocking or something?