Saturday, December 1, 2007

The other shoe drops

This just in:

Chandler quits Conservative Party

According to the brief story, Chandler has quit the party. I'm not sure if this means it was a mutual decision, an ultimatum, or something else.

As I had said earlier, there was going to be a firestorm surrounding whatever decision was made today. I suspect that to be the case in the coming days.

From the perspective of an ardent supporter of the party, I believe this was the right call.

I don't want to get into anything that could be viewed as slanderous lest this humble blogger be included in a potential lawsuit. I just simply feel that Craig was a poor fit for our party. His views and his style are welcome in parties like the Alliance, i'm sure, but I don't think they jive very well with PC Alberta.

As for the (short) string of Chandler-related resignations within the party, I wouldn't take much stock in them. These folks are like the David Orchards of the far-right... they claim to have a proper place in a political organization, but make no effort to adapt to it and leave in a huff when they don't get their way.

However this decision came about, I applaud the Premier for it. He was placed in a difficult position, under a great deal of pressure, and came up what most party members will view as the correct solution.

The biggest lesson in all of this, however, should be to the people who run the party... both full-time in the office and the elected volunteer party executive.

The Premier should not have ever had to get involved in this. Political organizations have staffs and executives who should be well-aware of potential troubles on the ground. They have a responsibility to their members and their Leader to neutralize these threats before they ever reach the level we have seen in Calgary Egmont.

This freight train should have been seen miles away. Those who had the power to stop this early on chose to be complacent.

It is a mistake they, hopefully, will not make again.


  1. I am glad to hear your opinion on this. All lawsuits aside... Stelmach proved he does in fact have a backbone.

    I can't imagine there having to be another nomination process in Egmont... wow.

    Signe ( anonymous and not willing to sign in yet )

  2. Craig ChandlerDecember 01, 2007

    Stelmach has no backbone as he did not even vote in the meeting.

    The Party Executive ordered Ed not to vote. I know I was there.

    Lot's more resignations from across Alberta coming.

    You guys are so arrogant and remind me of the old Tories under Mulroney that needed a spanking and we delivered it under Reform.

    There is no room for me, but there is room for Teresa Woo Paw (Liberal and Ignatief fundraiser, also Chair of the School board that Klien fired)

    Comments that Steve Boissoin made were attributed to me and you guys believe the trail by media.

    I have lot's of lawsuits coming!

    Craig B Chandler

  3. Great post - thx for the update on Chandler's fade after his 15 minutes of fame.

    Stelmach did not vote!.
    Perfect - he didn't feel the need to and it shows great respect the Party - let them decide.

    Never would have happened under Klein/Love. My info is that the vote was boot the bigot.

    I expect Mr. Chandler will be neo-Karl Roveian and try to sue anyone who posted a verb about him.

    Hope is pockets are deeper than his mind.

    Chandler has a hubris and a fundamentalism that rivals Hugo Chavez!

  4. Very Deep pockets

  5. As a Tory I see Chandler coming back and being in Cabinet under another leader.

    Chandler is the wrong guy to kick out, he will not quit.

    I would rater have him pissing out of my tent then pissing in it.