Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dream team?

As it stands, PC Alberta has nominated candidates in 80 of the 83 constituencies in preparation for an expected election next year. I have done my best to keep you up to date with these nominations and, in the near future, will begin profiling some of our new candidates.

Meanwhile, over in Kevin Taft's supposedly Liberal-free Alberta Liberal party, they've got 47 nominated so far. Your average provincial Liberal will tell you that there are great people lining up to run for them and we evil tories had better be scared.

Let's take a closer look at this.

There are 80 people lined up and ready to run for my party. In the seats that we either don't hold or where the current PC MLA is retiring, almost all of them had contested nominations. Even some SITTING MLAs had challengers for the priviledge of representing our party.

The Alberta-Stephane who?-Liberal party, on the other hand, has had very few contested nominations.

A closer look reveals that, of the candidates nominated to run as Liberals, at least FIVE of them also happen to be that constituency's Liberal President. For the record, i'm referring to Calgary Shaw, Medicine Hat, Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills, Wetaskiwin-Camrose, and Little Bow.

For those of us who are active in party politics, its a common threat that the Constituency President has to run if no one else can be found to step forward. One can only wonder if this is happening in these constituencies (and others).

It will be interesting to see if the trend continues as we approach the expected election. You can be sure i'll be watching.


  1. A simple yet compelling analysis of the current state of the two mainstream parties in Alberta. What we can also focus on, besides the obvious blip in Calgary-Egmont, is the quality and diversity of candidates across the province. The Liberals constantly talk about the recruitment of quality candidates, but they have yet to show Albertans that they can actually follow through on their commitment to diversity. On the other hand, PC Alberta has shown their ability to recruit outstanding candidates throughout the province, i.e. Calgary-Mountain View, Edmonton Meadowlark, etc.

    I believe all Albertans will be watching with considerable interest.

  2. There aren't that many Liberals in Medicine Hat...

  3. I suppose the “your Liberal cousins in Ottawa” smear still resonates with the odd knuckle dragging mouth breather and banjo picking inbred who won’t vote ALP because of the NEP, but thoughtful political observers know it’s a crock. Who among us cannot think of provincial PCs who (in words &/or deeds) show their distaste for Harper and preference for the federal Grits? A prominent blogger or former premier may spring to mind. Similarly, you can bet there are federal Tories who throw up in their mouths a bit when they ponder the “conservative” record of the Alberta government (during the bozo years, at least) and wonder if an Alberta LIBERAL government could possibly have done any worse.

  4. I'm SHOCKED that there aren't Liberals linning up in a hotly contested nomination for the right to run in Olds...

  5. How about Liberals lining up in a hotly contested nomination in Calgary, or Edmonton?

  6. How about enough liberals to line up anywhere? Didn't their AGM have less than 100 people at it?