Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The power of positive-ish thinking

Its a bit of a ho-hum Wednesday, but a good friend and faithful reader forwarded me an article i'll share with you.

I pass this along to you mainly because of this stellar quote from Kevin Taft:

"Listen, in 102 years the government of Alberta has changed three times. The odds of it happening in the next election aren‘t great. But it will happen sooner or later"

Talk about an optimistic outlook, eh Kev?


  1. Lowered Expectations my friend....undersell, over-deliver...

    In other news, Paul Jackson was a boxer man until Tom told him to firm up and now he wears briefs...

    that is all

  2. I hate the whole "poor me" routine, it's so unbecoming.

  3. "poor me" or conspiracy theorist, which is more becoming? Sounds like a suitable poll question to me! Seems like thats all he's got.