Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm packing, so read these instead ;)

Quickly, before I hop the plane tomorrow morning, I wanted to share 3 interesting reads from today's Alberta-based Canwest papers...

First is a year-end interview with Energy Minister Mel Knight, the man who so ably shows why Hugh MacDonald shouldn't pump gas, let alone be an Energy critic.

The second is an excellent piece about Canadian/Albertan greenhouse gas emissions from the Journal's business writer Gary Lamphier.

The third is a bit of a retirement piece on Lyle Oberg courtesy of Don Martin, a man who spent a great deal of the Klein era covering the Legislature and has more than a few stories to tell.


  1. After reading the Mel Knight piece, I think few people give him enough credit. He has a solid grasp of energy-related issues... heck, he founded his own service company and made good money on it. It is easy for bystanders to sit back and criticize, but a number of issues came to the fore in 2007, and I think he performed as well as anyone could expect given the circumstances.

    PS - Neil Waugh needs to pull the piece of (U.S.-destined) pipeline that appears lodged in his ass and give Knight a break once in a while.

  2. Yeah a great article. The man knows his stuff and even though he never gets the credit, you cannot deny his knowledge.

    Neil is just a bitter betty. I mean really, look at his articles back in 93 when Ralph took over, very, very similar...grumpy old man really.