Saturday, July 8, 2006

Day 7: Spokane to Claresholm

Before setting off from Spokane, I made a point of stopping in to visit some friends/customers at RAHCO International, whom we had the pleasure of working with on a major project last year. I got to see RAHCO's plant first hand... on the outside, it looks like a WW2-era magnesium plant (which is what it was)... inside, they manufacture some of the best mining and industrial equipment on the market.

Out of Washington and into the Idaho panhandle. This was my first time in the state... seems like a nice place.

At 6500 residents, Sandpoint, Idaho was the largest town between Spokane and Cranbrook, BC.

My fourth and final border crossing of this trip... heading back into BC at Kingsgate. Understandably, the nice customs officer here was just a little perplexed at my routing this week.

Cranbrook, BC... a very nice little town/city in the heart of the Kootenays. It was also the first time I stopped at a Tim Horton's on this trip. The Horton's stop is significant, because I had vowed to a couple of people at work that I would investigate their goofball claim that ordering a "Regular Coffee" will get you a coffee with 1 cream and 1 sugar. I thought this was some crazy Ontario notion, and set out to prove them wrong. Well...

Its not the Rogers Pass, sure... but its still a tunnel through the mountain.

The obligatory photo of Fernie, BC. Its obligatory because I know Nicole is reading this.

Leaving BC and back in the homeland, Wild Rose Country.

The site of the Frank Slide in the Crowsnest Pass. All of the towns in the Pass are incredibly scenic and very historic, but none has a greater impact than viewing the Frank Slide. The site remains largely untouched from when part of the mountain collapsed onto the mining town of Frank.

There are hundreds of these windmills dotting the landscape across southwestern Alberta. Some consider them an eyesore, but I quite like them. I also think they're an efficient and responsible way to generate power. They're obviously effective, because Calgary's C-Train system runs entirely on power from these windmills.

The final swing to the north of the trip. From here on, the needle will be pointing up.

Heading north under a big, beautiful, blue Alberta sky.

True, Tom. Soooooo true.

Arrival into Claresholm, Alberta... roughly 120km south of Calgary.

Based on this and the odometer reading upon arrival in Spokane last night, I covered 604km today.

All of that driving is tough work. Time for a beer at Dusty's Roadhouse, proudly operated by my good friend Ryan!

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  1. Dusty's Roadhouse is a great little place for food and drink! I have been there myself a time or two!! Thanks for the plug my friend, and great job on the blog. Thanks for the great visit the other night too! Talk to you soon.