Saturday, July 8, 2006

Day 6: Victoria to Spokane continued

Alright, I have once again found wireless that I can steal/borrow so you are about to be bombarded with posts...

The mountains west of Seattle slowly gave way to a more gentle landscape, still stunning nonetheless.

The landscape continued to change heading down I-90. The leg of the trip that I travelled on this highway was definetly the nicest surprise, scenery wise.

This little gem is known as "The Gorge". It is a sprawling lake in a sea of coulees. When I crested the hill descending into the Gorge, I knew I had come across the scenery gem of this trip. Thankfully, there was a great lookout for people to stop and take it all in. The view from here was simply breathtaking...

... it was also VERY windy.

Normally a little mom and pop motel wouldn't be worth a picture, but I had a good laugh at this one. If you enlarge this picture, you'll see that its a shot of Martha's Inn. Why is this significant, you ask? Because its in the town of George. That's right... Martha's Inn... in George, Washington.

The water tower in Moses Lake, Washington. If you are ever in Moses Lake, DO NOT fill up at the Chevron... slowest gas pumps i've ever seen... 10 minutes just to get half a tank in the Honda.

Its not the top of the Space Needle, but the view of tonight's sunset from the highway was pretty good nonetheless.

And finally, the destination. Downtown Spokane, Washington... a city whose television i've been watching for 24 years, but am only seeing live for the first time now.

The odometer reading upon arrival in Spokane. Based on the departure reading this morning, the car and I travelled 650 kilometers today... plus the undetermined distance on the 2 hour ferry ride between Sidney and Anacortes.

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