Friday, July 7, 2006

Day 5: Seattle to Victoria (continued)

I couldn't add to the old post, so i'll continue Day 5 in a new post...

One of the things that has floored me is how many of you are following my vacation on this blog. Many of you have emailed, some have posted comments on the blog. I even got a phone call from Bill Stewart in Edmonton on Wednesday. He was asking how it was that I was getting these pictures... I guess this answers your question, eh Bill?

One of the other things i've noticed on this trip is how many cars with California plates there are driving around the U.S. Mind you, I suppose with 44 million Californians out there, they're bound to get around.

Downtown Port Angeles, Washington. A cute little tourist town, and home to...

...the M.V. Coho, my ride to Victoria. This ship has been making the 1h25m crossing between Port Angeles and Victoria since 1959.

Nearing Victoria after crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca. If you enlarge this picture, you can see my apartment building... its the one to the right of the big white building.

As we swung into the harbour, we were greeted by an outbound West Coast Air Twin Otter bound for Vancouver. From my balcony I can see and hear these things all day long.

Downtown Victoria, my new home... ain't she beautiful?

The view from my bedroom window. Its certainly a departure from boreal forest, that's for sure.

McVie also pointed out that the Esso oil storage facility you see on the right should be a bit of a taste of home for me.

Now the day's activities didn't end here. I had to go buy a futon so as to have something to sleep on that night... many thanks to Andrew McVie for figuring out how to put it together (and for getting us into Victoria's prestigious Union Club for dinner).

Sadly, pictures of the Union Club and futon assembly aren't available because the batteries on the camera died.

Oh well, next up: Back in the U.S.A....

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