Friday, July 7, 2006

Day 6: Victoria to Spokane

First off, this was Thursday odometer reading at departure from Victoria. It puts Wednesday's distance travelled at 161km plus the 35 or so nautical miles travelled on the two ferries.

My building is on Maitland Street. One block over is none other than Robert Street. They obviously knew I was coming.

Waiting in line for the ferry back to the U.S. was pretty entertaining since we were right under the approach path for runway 27 at Victoria International. Shown here is a Canadian Forces Aurora.

The M.V. Chelan was my ride to Anacortes and, at over 2 hours, the longest of the 3 ferry trips.

Anacortes seems to be home to a great number of oil refineries and/or storage tanks.

After a scenic jaunt across Washington Highway 20, it was back onto I-5 for the run down to I-90. Besides Highway 63, this is the only stretch of highway that I will see twice on this trip.

On I-90 now. You know, i'm not an expert in concrete, ashphalt, or any other kind of aggregate... but I do know that whatever they put on this stretch of I-90 sucks. Its rough, its loud... its like driving on cut-rate cobblestone. Thankfully, I only had about an hour of this garbage. Anyway, as you can see I had lots of forests and clouds on this stretch.

My wireless is about to run out so i'll have to finish this part later... there's some good pics coming up, too!

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