Thursday, July 6, 2006

Day 5: Seattle to Victoria

I'll apologize for having to steal some pictures from the internet for this post... the camera's batteries went dead just as the ferry pulled into Victoria yesterday afternoon and I didn't get to replace them until this morning.

First things first, the promised odometer reading. Based on this, plus the distances travelled by ferry, I travelled 265 kilometers on Tuesday. Now of course because the batteries were dead, I didn't get a picture of the odometer last night in Victoria... i'll do the same thing tonight from Spokane.

The M.V. Tacoma. A big, beautiful ferry and my ride across Puget Sound from Seattle to Bainbridge Island (the shortcut to Port Angeles).

Goodbye Seattle...

... hello Bainbridge Island!

From what I could tell, Bainbridge is a really nice spot where you really can't tell that you're 8 miles from one of the largest cities in America.

This is pretty much what the drive/scenery looked like most of the way between Bainbridge and Port Angeles. The low overcast prevented any sort of view of the Olympic mountains. Fortunately, i'll be able to see them pretty frequently come August.

For some reason, blogger's photo option has crashed and won't let me add any more pictures at the moment. I need to hit the road or i'm going to miss my ferry, so i'll have to leave you all in suspense for the rest of the yesterday's photos... maybe i'll even post today's journey at the same time.

Anyway, see you from Spokane!

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