Friday, April 4, 2008

TaylorWatch 2008

At the risk of seeming like I'm beating this story to death, I have to admit that I am truly amazed at how the future of Alberta Liberal Deputy Leader Dave Taylor is on everybody's minds.

The most rampant rumour is that Taylor is getting ready to hang up his spurs as the MLA for Calgary Currie... partly because he's growing tired of elected office, partly to avoid being pressured into taking over the leadership of the Alberta Liberals.

Last night, though, I heard a shocking departure from the aforementioned widespread rumour.

Normally I wouldn't give something like this much creedence, but the person from whom I heard what I am about to share was, aside from Taylor himself, about the most credible source a blogger could ask for.

Apparently, Dave's frustration doesn't stem from being in elected office in general. Rather, it stems from being in the Alberta Liberal Party.

I don't have any details of what specifically irks him about the state of affairs in Alberta's Official Opposition but I'm told that, if the right person were to make the ask, he would consider crossing the floor to join the PC caucus.

I wouldn't have believed it myself if it didn't come from such a reliable and knowledgeable source.

One of the most interesting stories in Alberta politics this season just got a whole lot juicier.


  1. "I have to admit that I am truly amazed at how the future of Alberta Liberal Deputy Leader Dave Taylor is on everybody's minds."

    Is that why you're the only one blogging about this?

  2. I thought Nick somebody, or Somebody Nichols or something like that was the Alberta Gliberal Fearless Leader. Oh well, what was this guys name again?

  3. Leadership of a political opposition necessitates that you assemble and communicate valid policy alternatives for the electorate.

    This has been missing from the Alberta Liberals since the late Lawrence Decore. This has been missing from the New Democrats in this province since the late Grant Notley.

    Subsequent and current occupants of the heads of the respective opposition parties have failed to offer valid policy options to the Alberta electorate, one of, if not the, most highly educated population in North America. Instead, we have had individuals in these roles who choose to chastise and belittle voters for making the choices that they have for the past "X" years and not giving the "other stripe" the chance to govern. Their bitter and angry styles do nothing to convince Albertans that they have valid options, particularly when spectacular economic success has predominated the incumbency of the current governing party.

    Quite bluntly, the opposition has not earned the privilege to govern.

    And, equally as blunt in my opinion, none of the 9 sitting Liberal MLAs has the capability of changing that. This is a party that can't even balance its own books in a period of high economic bouyancy! How can they be expected to manage a $38 billion dollar a year operation when the party runs a deficit year after year? Not with this group, I submit, none of which have, in their professional lives, been responsible for signing paycheques or managing a budget. Just re-arranging deck chairs on a sinking ship. . .

  4. There is absolutely no truth to this story. My suspicion is that whoever fed you this has an interest in

    A) jerking your chain or;
    B) attempting to make Dave Taylor look disloyal to the ALP.