Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And now for some actual gossip

For those of you who may not have figured it out, yesterday's post about Hugh MacDonald running for Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party was motivated mostly by my desire to catch some of you on April Fools Day.

I say it was only "mostly" motivated because, given an ACTUAL rumour swirling around, we may yet see Hugh MacDonald (or Laurie Blakeman, or any number of the other Liberal MLAs) throw their hat in the ring to lead Alberta's Official Opposition.

This is because the hot word on the street in all kinds of Alberta political circles is that the perceived front-runner for the eventual race, Calgary Currie MLA Dave Taylor, is getting ready to quit.

It seems that when Dave-o signed up as a candidate for the Alberta Liberals in 2004, he figured he was about to embark on a juggernaut that was set to replace the PCs as the governing party in Alberta.

We all know how that story has turned out.

And so, politicos all over the province are hearing that the Member for Calgary Currie is ready to jump off the sinking red ship and swim back to the private sector.

Now I will admit that I'm not totally sure what Dave Taylor will DO in the private sector, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that he'd be happier in just about any position other than Deputy Captain of the Titanic.

Everybody will be on high alert for this development. Potential candidates for the ALP Leadership... potential candidates in the by-election... the Liberal campaign team who will somehow have to try and mount a campaign with almost zero money and no more star MLA... a lot of people will be watching Calgary Currie very closely in the weeks and months ahead, including yours truly.

Stay tuned!


  1. I think Mr. Taylor was the most under-appreciated and under-utilized "Deputy Captain" of all times.

    If it's true he's wanting to leave, I don't blame him. He has no future opportunities in a party whose barely-on-life-support leader refuses to leave.

  2. Leaving? He just got re-elected. Bugger should have to pay for the by-election out of his own pocket.