Tuesday, August 1, 2006


  • First, thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Paddy McGloin who passed away suddenly on Sunday night. I've known Paddy, his wife Jackie, and their kids Aedan, Paul, and Renee for a long time. They're all stand-up people and I wish them well as they cope with their loss. Godspeed to one of Ireland's finest!

  • I leave for Vegas in 3 days. Its gonna be a great (if not hot) long-weekend with 11 of my old/new BC friends.

  • Speaking of British Columbia, the big move is now 3 weeks away. While i'm certainly getting a bit nostalgic about McMurray, the lure of life by the ocean is pretty cool too. I'm also looking forward to hooking up with THESE people. They've done a remarkable job turning BC around, and that's definetly a cause I can line up behind.

  • THIS is just plain stupid. The problem with federal Liberals is that they don't understand the difference between appointing qualified people who happen to have a political pedigree and the kind of willy-nilly pork barrelling that they engaged in for 13 years. Harvie Andre, with the cabinet portfolios he held during his time in Ottawa, is indeed uniquely qualified to perform this work. Mind you, we saw this same "moral outrage" from federal Liberals when Jim Gouk was appointed to a the board of Nav Canada. Jim Gouk is a former Conservative MP, yes, but he was also an Air Traffic Controller. Call me crazy, but I think that someone who has both practical knowledge in a certain area AND an understanding of how Ottawa works (or doesn't work) might just prove to be an asset when dealing with federal policy and/or tax dollars. The federal Liberals just don't get it... no wonder their party is in ruins.

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