Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Chalk one up for P-Mac

Most people who know me politically know that i've never been accused of being in the Peter MacKay fan club. The same can be said of my feelings for Liberal MP and brainless media hog Dan McTeague.

However, when these two collided today I was solidly and proudly behind our Foreign Affairs minister.

HERE is the article detailing today's Foreign Affairs committee hearing.

What I enjoyed most, though, was Minister MacKay's shot back at McTeague when accused of being invisible during the first four days of the current conflict in the middle east:

"Where were you for the first four days of this crisis?" McTeague asked, referring to MacKay's initial lack of visibility.

"I was on the job," MacKay shot back. "You may have been on TV, but I was meeting with officials."

Way to tell it like it is, Pete.

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  1. Same here, I haven't been terribly impressed by McKay, but he did a good job of taking no crap from the libs.
    I e-mailed him to tel him that.