Monday, August 21, 2006

How do these people get elected?

I've been way too busy packing up my house to bother blogging this past week or so. Sure there have been a few issues worth commenting on, like the new entrants to the PC Alberta Leadership Race or Garth Turner's nomination race in Halton, Ontario, but I haven't really been motivated enough to sit down and type something out.

I read something last night, though, that absolutely infuriated me.

When I read, in this CBC article, that Etobicoke Centre (read: Toronto) Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj is "ashamed to be Canadian", I was absolutely beside myself.

This man, along with the other MPs on the trip, BQ MP Maria Mourani and NDP MP Peggy Nash, have repeatedly talked about "Israel's crimes against humanity" and that PM Harper is "condoning human massacres".


They've been in the Middle East for a few days and suddenly they're experts on what has gone on in the last month or so?

Honestly, its as though they believe that only one side of the story deserves to be heard and, since the tories are with Israel, they have to be against them.

What kind of weak-minded individuals make up their mind with only half (if even that much) of the facts???

William does a much more succinct and thorough job of pointing out the absurdity of the statements being made by the opposition on this trip.

I, for one, am simply agog.

I am NOT, however, embarassed to be a Canadian. If anything, I am proud that Canada has finally removed the fence post that was lodged firmly in our asses and chosen to stand with the only historically democratic nation in the Middle East.

I'm embarassed that people like Borys Wrzesnewskyj get elected to Parliament.


  1. These boobs have been given the propaganda tour by their Hezbollah minders and responded predictably. The time-worn phrase "useful idiots" once more comes into use.

    Good on the PMO, if in fact, Harper cautioned the Conservative member from joining this junket arranged by apologists for terrorism.

  2. Here we have the three party opposition asking for Hezbollah to be removed from the terrorist list. Are they kidding?? Or better still, completely and totally nuts, or aiming for the Muslim vote? Who paid for their trip anyway? Not the taxpayer,I hope. Lebanon is devastated because they allowed this terrorist group to hold them hostage. Israel had no choice. It was retaliate or be destroyed. If these MPs can't see this, they certainly don't have the brains to run for parliment. Pay attention voters. Keep these slow learners out of our government!!!

  3. GritPatriotAugust 21, 2006

    This is just the opinion of 2 MPs and not policy for any party.

    It reminds of the greatest boob of all, Rob Anders (Calgary CON MP), who heckled Nelson Mandela when Mandela was given an honourary Canadian citizenship. Voters will overlook the local idiot candidate to vote for a party and Rob Anders is the case in point.

    Rahim Jaffer and his fraudulent radio interview is another story...

  4. how does one negotiate peace between lebanon and israel by excluding hezbollah? they are a political beast with much influence in southern lebanon, whether we like it or not. they don't view themselves as terrorists nor do their supporters. israel may try to erase their presence but it will be costly to all if at all achievable. if peace and stability are the true long term goals for the region, hezbollah has to be at the table. in all negotiations, compromise is required.

  5. I guess Borys Wrzesnewskyj wants to be Natalie Maines.

    Picture him in a countryfied post punk girly gettup!

  6. Jeff, are you just as daft as the MP's that went to Lebanon? Negotiate with Hezbollah?....they DON'T WANT to negotiate anything.....they only want to kill Jews....when will the 'liberal-minded' people in western society wake up to the fact that there will never be a negotiated peace with Islamic Fundamentalists involved in any form of political process.

    They just want to kill jews..repeat after me They just want to kill more time......just kill Jews....Got it yet?