Monday, March 27, 2006

And another quick update

Several things to cover here... i'll try and put them in relative order of importance:

1. Dad is doing great. The doctors are very happy with his progress and expect to send him back to Fort McMurray (the hospital, not his house) sometime within the next week. Thanks to everyone who have passed along their thoughts and prayers, they have been truly appreciated over the past 2 weeks.

2. The PC Alberta convention is going to be one of the most exciting political conventions this country has seen for a long, long time. It is the first time that I can recall that Alberta networks are going to cut in with frequent live coverage. While they're obviously looking for blood (as most respectable journalists do), the party has a great opportunity to use this as a top-notch showcase. The key will be to make sure we come out of this weekend strong and united.

3. No one but the Ottawa Press Gallery cares about the Ottawa Press Gallery. A number of journalists, along with new Liberal apologist Pierre Bourque, have fabricated stories about outrage that the PM is not giving them the unfettered access that they used to enjoy under previous regimes. While it doesn't provide them the opportunity to catch the PM and Ministers on bad days, it will no doubt improve the accuracy of the message being delivered through the media... something that we all deserve.

4. I bought a new car. Its a red Honda Accord. Yes, you're surprised. So am I. But I still love it.

I'll try and blog from convention. Keep your stick on the ice until then.


  1. Glad to hear your dad's condition is improving. See you friday in Cowtown!

  2. Great news about your Dad! Like Chris, see you Friday in Calgary.

  3. That's wonderful news about your dad.

    Now, am I supposed to be more suprised that the new car is an Accord, or that it's red?

    And here I thought I was the red tory.

  4. Liam O'BrienMarch 28, 2006

    After you visited our eastern tory conventions, I am sorry I won't be able to make it there. It sounds like Alberta politics is heating up.

    I hope everything remains well with your father. And congrats on the new car!

  5. I want a ride in the new car :-)

  6. Blake + Honda = I don't compute.... Can't picture it, don't believe you.
    Mind you, I stil miss the pimp-mobile.