Thursday, February 9, 2006

Us and Everybody Else...

Its proof positive that ridgidly ideological CPC members are fast becoming our party's own worst enemy.

While the average Joe and Jane on the street are talking about Wayne Gretzky's possible involvement in Rick Tocchet's alleged gambling ring, Conservatives are still bitching about Emerson and Fortier.

This excludes the CBC, of course, who have seen fit to take the word of Karlheinz Schreiber, someone who is fighting extradition for fraud, as some kind of Holy Gospel.

Word is that Emerson pretty well had the deal on softwood lumber, but still needs to tweak it. Of course that's not the Toronto Red Star's spin on the story, but James Travers (aka Jim Travesty) is Canada's most-read Paul Martin apologist... someone obviously forgot to send him the memo about Paul losing the election.

Take a deep breath people... the world continues to turn as it should.

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