Tuesday, February 28, 2006

THIS is why...

To a lot of people in other parties, or not in politics at all, the admiration that I and many of my fellow conservatives hold for Prime Minister Stephen Harper is, well, bizarre.

The Stephen Harper that most people "know" (know being a loose term for perception delivered through most of the mainstream media) is not someone they can feel the can relate to.

To those people, I suggest you READ AND WATCH THIS story on ctv.ca.

If it doesn't sum up the Stephen Harper that i've been proud to support, i'm not sure what will.


  1. Thanks! When it comes to his son, it seems like he is more of a warm and fuzzy guy than given credit for.

  2. I know from first hand experience how truly caring Stephen Harper is - it's one of the reasons why I, and so many other people, would run through walls for him.

  3. Just one more rason to like the guy.

    I h/t'd you on this one