Monday, February 27, 2006

This and that

I've received a number of private comments that I haven't blogged in a while. For that I apologize... we're a little busy up here securing Canada's energy future and all.

Seriously though, i've been waiting for something big enough to warrant a rant. I have yet to stumble upon that, so instead I offer a smattering of opinions for your reading pleasure:

  • I'm VERY happy that the Provincial Government is finally going to twin Highway 63. Infrastructure Minister Lyle Oberg and our MLA Guy Boutilier have delivered on a long-standing promise and I say three cheers to them. I also tip my hat to them for an excellent tete-a-tete with some local Conservatives late last week. It was informative and beneficial for all concerned.

  • I'm not so happy, however, with some rumblings at Wood Buffalo Municipal Council surrounding a proposed project accomodation (read: camp) for construction workers who will be building the massive expansion at MacDonald Island Park. While the mental image of a stereotypical work camp in the middle of town is not appealing, I think there is a great deal of misinformation spreading around. This is NOT to be an open, free-for-all camp where any worker can bunk. It is intended only for the 250 people who will be working on the Mac Island expansion and WILL BE LOCATED on MacDonald Island, adjacent to the work site. Based on the reaction from some people, you would think that they're transferring inmates from the Bowden Institute up here. The facts are simple: There are no rental accomodations/hotels available for a sudden temporary influx of 250 workers for an in-town project. To accomodate them in out-of-town camps will add approximately $8 milllion in cost to the project. We need this expansion soon, and we need it with as little cost overrun as possible... some people seem intent on just the opposite.

  • The men lost at hockey. Big deal. Gretz picked a crappy team and it showed. Get over it. Why? Because, in case you haven't hear, WE WON IN EVERYTHING ELSE.

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