Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yet more proof...

... that Al Gore is a moron.

At the Sundance Film Festival, he suggested that the Canadian election was partly about the oilsands in Alberta. He also accused Prime Minister Harper of having a pro-oil agenda which would move him much closer to President Bush's administration.

Now i'm all for better relations with the Americans, but the Former US Vice President is clearly trying to suggest that we're going to be nothing more than a puppet state.

Which is an argument I think some people actually bought. That is, until they saw THIS.

Prime Minister Harper is obviously sending out the clear signal early in his mandate that, while we are certainly going to work more closely with the Americans, we are not going to give up our sovereignty simply because they choose not to recognize it on occaision.

As for the election being about oilsands, that's ridiculous. Most people in Ontario and Quebec are as clueless about the oilsands (or Alberta in general) as the Americans are.

The fact that he thinks we have that kind of influence is flattering, but its also dead wrong.

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