Sunday, January 29, 2006

Old dogs and new tricks

I'm writing this from Gate 12 at Edmonton International Airport.

Amongst other things, I was in town for this year's U of A Model Parliament where I had the pleasure to serve as the Minister of Transport.

Between BC and Alberta, this is my 10th Model Parliament but my first as Government. It was a great experience for the Conservative caucus, finally getting to say our piece on how we want to see this country run with some authority.

The Liberals, though, seemed absolutely beside themselves. Apparently, the Canadians who voted for us are complete morons and will soon see the error of their ways. They got even more surly when it became very apparent that we knew what we were talking about when answering questions.

I know after 12 years in Government, the Liberals are a bit rusty at this whole opposition thing.

They should practice up, though... methinks they're going to be there for a LONG time.

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