Saturday, January 19, 2008

In other news...

... the latest incarnation of Alberta's right fringe reared its head today at a downtown Calgary hotel.

I, along with most other tories, aren't going to lose much sleep over this. For my part, I think these people fail to understand the mechanics of political change as much as the Liberals do.

Interestingly, it appears as though a battle is already being waged over its direction.

Film at 11.


  1. www.craigchandler.caJanuary 19, 2008

    Your attitude reminds me of the Mulroney Tories before they were taught a lesson by the Reform Party.

    What happens is people like you become intolerant to social conservatives, then start spending like Liberals and all the while call us radical, fringe etc...

    We then get sick of it organize and give you the boot. I give it 2 - 3 elections and the APC will rest in peace

  2. Typical Tory arrogance. It's been less than 24 hours and you're already dismissing them.

  3. Personally I'll wait to hear what the new party has to say before I judge them one way or the other.

    What I'm surprised nobody is blogging about is these stupid ads:

    What I wanna know is... haven't the socialists ever even talked to an economist? Don't they understand that things like rent controls cause more harm than good? There's <1% vacancy in Alberta... and rent controls REDUCES the number of available rental units. So who does that help???

  4. Oh yeah, and about "" ... I think most Albertan's don't appreciate attack ads, let alone "anonymous" ones.

  5. Anon 3:53 - read the article; the landlord didn't give a year notice and is already converting the apartments to condos. There's giant loopholes in the legislation and the fact that this is getting headline "above the fold" news shows that there are people who care.

  6. Thats more news because someone is breaking the law. We want to see what will become of it, nothing more.

  7. It does appear from the article that because the tenants moved out they lost any rights to fight under the new legislation. The Landlord is within his right to convert any EMPTY rental units.

    What those people should have done was stayed and appealed what was going on. A little bit more investigation would like have gone in their favour, especially with an election pending.

  8. Danse MacabreJanuary 24, 2008

    Were I one of the people running the show at Tory HQ in Edmonton/Calgary, I don't think I would be so quick as to write-off any political party seeking to flank the tories on the right.

    Wildrose Alliance likely to win the next election? No.

    Wildrose Alliance likely to upset key tory races by pulling 10-15% of the traditional tory base? Possibly.

    Wildorse Alliance creaming off 10-15% of of the base tory vote COMBINED with decrease in Tory voter turnout? Big problem.

    Run seat projects if 150,000 fewer tory voters come out to vote in the election AND account for a 10% tory to Wildrose Alliance swing - my math shows:

    1. Defeat of all remaining tory MLA's in Edmonton (and no pick-ups) to Liberals and New Democrats.

    2. Loss of capital region and even some rural tory seats to Liberals and New Democrats (and the odd Wildrose Alliance candidate)

    3. A chunk of Calgary seats lost to Liberals.

    Bonus question: Reconcile the possibility of Edmonton having zero tory MLA's and 100% tory MP's.

  9. What I think is suspect, at best, is the Alberta Federation of Labour using the hard earned "mandatory" union dues paid by hard working Albertan's to fund an American style smear campaign.

    The people of Alberta don't like that type of politics & it doesn't do well in the Federal political arena either!

    Why was it necessary for them to hide behind the name Albertans for Change? What change?

    I find it interesting also that Brian Mason, whose party stands to gain from this type of advertising slammed the PC's for their party fund raising? Do people really believe the ND's didn't have a part in this!