Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The countdown is on

In my last post, I referred to a campaign of ideas and visions for the province of Alberta (and how the whole debacle might get in the way of that for some people).

Well the signs are becoming increasingly clear that the aforementioned campaign will soon be upon us.

The Edmonton Journal has a good piece today about the preparations underway for the election. Its an election that I look forward to. As much as the left-wing opposition want to harp on about how Ed Stelmach has no personality or other nonsense, I look forward to a campaign with the Premier demonstrating how his grasp of the issues facing Alberta blows his competition right out of the water.

There will, of course, be outsiders trying to insert themselves into this campaign. One of the loudest is Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier. Don Braid outlines part of Bronconnier's plan to pressure the provincial government into funding a number of ventures for his city.

I'll admit that i'm not a big fan of Mayor Dave. As a former and future Calgarian, however, I like a lot of what I read in Braid's article. I think that the Mayor will find support for the plans outlined in the report drafted by an impressive array of Calgarians.

I also think that the kind of vision that the Mayor is promoting will be met with support from some of the great new candidates running under the PC banner in Calgary, particularily Alison Redford, Jennifer Diakiw, and Arthur Kent. These are all people who believe in a positive vision for Calgary's future as a leading urban centre in Canada. They are also running to replace ineffective Liberals who wouldn't understand a positive vision if it bit them in the rear.

In Calgary, just as in every other city, town and county in Alberta, people are readying for an important election that will chart the course for Alberta's future.

I know i'm ready for it.

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