Friday, December 22, 2006

Journal Blogs

G'day all.

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately... i'm in Kelowna for Christmas and, frankly, its a lot more fun than ranting on a computer.

That said, something has been nagging me and I feel compelled to complain about it.

Well not something, someone.

Most Alberta bloggers (even those of us who use the term "Albertan" somewhat disingenuously of late) know that the Edmonton Journal has an impressive host of columnist-written blogs on their website.

The two I read are Larry Johnsrude and Graham Thomson, mainly being they're up on political events... and Larry in particular has shown interest in Fort McMurray issues.

Now i've never been a huge fan of Graham Thomson. I find that, even after 20 years in Alberta, he often writes like a Central Canadian. I've often called into question some of his statements... particularily whenever he raves about the oratory abilities of Kevin Taft (and if you agree, you might as well stop reading because my point will be lost on you).

Lately on his blog, Graham has seemed to have a fascination with Jim Dinning, why he lost, and all of the theories that people have as to why he lost.

As exciting as that is, its time to get over it. Dinning lost, and he (and all of us who supported him) are fully aware of that. We've accepted our fate, gotten behind the man who DID win, and moved on.

Rather than trying to be an armchair historian, Graham should concentrate more on the guy who did win and what his team is up to... it is far more relevant to Albertans.

Or he could do like Larry does and diversify his blog a bit... I never tire of reading some of the great stuff he puts up.

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