Saturday, December 23, 2006

Albertatory turns 100

This is my 100th post on this blog. I only wish it wasn't prompted by this:


I suspect he'll run in a Vancouver-area riding, since that's where he lives.

God forbid he wins.


  1. He is actually rumoured to be seeking Lapierre's Outremont seat. I agree it would be horrible to have another trudeau blowhard in parliament. His father's old riding of Mont Royal will also be availible(Irwin Cotler won't run again, wonder what his wife had todo with that) and it is an extremely safe fiberal seat.

  2. Well that's of some minor relief... if he is to represent part of Canada in the House, i'm glad it'll be several time zones away.

  3. That is a very intelligent young man.I would no be so hasty to run him down.His name should not make him hated. He did have a mother, too.Tories can't stand to have anyone with a few brains to get into politics...just look at the government we have.

  4. oh lizt.
    'just look at the government we have.'

    and just look at who's not the government.

    Maybe you are suggesting that is Canadians who don't have brains. It must be somebody elses fault, right?

    I hope Lil' Trudeau does run, and gets a seat. All eyes will be on the 'new king' and the push to oust Dion will begin (likely Rae & Iggy are already working on that).
    Then for 2 years running, Liberals will be ignoring Canada and focusing on their favorite issue, themselves.

  5. I've heard the Outremont rumour too, but I didn't know he was living in Vancouver... who knows.

    The whole celebrity worship of Justin is pretty sad if you ask me. So he's a flashy playboy with the Trudeau name - since when does that qualify you to run the country? Justin Trudeau has absolutely no idea what it's like to be an "average" Canadian.

    I'll vote for Stephen Harper any day.

  6. This is not based on inside information at all but I really question if Trudeau jr. would run in a non-Quebec riding...

    By the way Blake thanks for linking to my site. Jonathan

  7. Ive been over seas, as you know blake.. but i could see him running against emerson.. that is a liberal riding.. and he is a granola type and i could see that flying there.