Friday, October 6, 2006

A re-discovery

Stroll on over to Doug Griffiths' new website and re-discover why I remain convinced that this guy can be Premier of Alberta someday.


  1. Give me a break. He MCed at the U of C Forum 3 nights ago, with a frown, a mean look, introverted conceit.....

  2. bob took the words out of my mouth.
    i have never ever seen a more inhumane robot mc a Tory meeting before, looking like he came from Mars...

  3. That's unfortunate, because it doesn't sound like the Doug Griffiths that I know.

  4. I was at the UofC forum as well. He did keep order reasonably well, but did some off rather dictatorial - which in kind of funny given his youth.

    I'm very disappointed that he went with Jim. It is his choice, but in this I can't believe that it was anything but for political gain. I think Doug was looking to get cabinet experience soon, in hopes of becoming premier next time the job comes up.

    Of course, if by some black twist of fate and Oberg gets the nod, we could be looking for a new leader quicker than most think. Oberg winning is one of those (thankfully) low probability events. But if you are told you have a type of cancer where the survival rate is 99%, you still worry about it.

  5. He is clearly doing it for political gain - hopefully for him he tagged along with the winning candidate.