Monday, May 8, 2006

Of Flames and Festivals

Ok, so its been a while since I last posted. Sorry. The month of May is particularily hectic... but I promise to try and do better.

Here, then, are some more assorted observations/comments:

I was in Edmonton this past weekend and had the priviledge of attending the Sikh Federation of Edmonton's Vaisakhi celebration at the Jubilee Auditorium. As someone who has a great respect and affinity for the Sikh faith and its followers, I was honoured to have been invited by my good friend Tim Uppal. The celebrations were a great mix of song and dance, as well as recognition of the achievements of Edmonton's Sikh community. Congratulations to all participants and organizers on such a stellar event, and Happy Vaisakhi to all of my Sikh friends!

As I had indicated in earlier posts, this weekend also marked my last meeting as Northeast Regional Director with the PC Association of Alberta. Again, I salute all of my colleagues and wish them the best as they strive to guide our party through the upcoming Leadership race. And as promised, readers can look forward to some more objective posts regarding the race in the weeks to come.

Last week, Keyano College announced that my parents had been named as Keyano's "Distinguished Citizens of the Year". Its a great honour for them, and a well deserved one after so many years of tireless community support. I'm certainly proud of their achievements, and it looks like our community can share that pride!

... congratulations to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo on the official groundbreaking of the MacDonald Island Redevelopement! When complete, this will be Alberta's largest multi-use recreational facility housing ice surfaces, field houses, a suspended running track, a full-size pool with waterslides, and (nearest to my heart) the brand new Public Library. The groundbreaking event was very well put together and the folks at City Hall are to be commended. The only regret is that certain groups who are opposed to parts of the redevelopment, including the Chamber of Commerce and a certain elected official, chose not to have any representation at this event.

Yes, I know my team lost. As sad as it is, I am now duty-bound as an Albertan to cheer for the Edmonton Oilers. Thankfully, Edmonton is playing a team from California... after that Anaheim disaster, i'll gladly cheer against the Golden State anyday.


  1. WRONG.

    You are duty bound as a Calgarian to cheer against the Oilers. No one from Calgary EVER is permitted to cheer for the Oilers.

    I love the Flames and was pretty choked that they lost. But cheer for Edmonton?


  2. Sean, you're a moron.

  3. Whether the comments above were sarcastic or not, I'd like to point out how much support Edmonton gave Calgary when they made it to the finals in 2004. Unless a game ever comes down to Oilers Vs. Flames, I can definitely say I support both teams.

    Go Oilers!

    That said, I'm not trying to start a flaming war (pun partionally intended).


    That's awesome about your parents being recognised. :)

  4. I don't remember Edmonton being too particuloarily supportive in 2004. I remember running outside after winning one of the series all happy and looking for people to cheer with and all I got from my neighbours was yelling out the window "Calgary SUCKS."

    Anyways... I don't know about the playoffs now that Calgary is out. I feel, well, unmotivated to cheer along anymore. But if a Canadian team made it to the finals I would be happy, and I would cheer for them too. As long as they weren't the TO Maple Leafs :-)

    Congrats on your Mom and Dads award. I am sure you supported them too over the years and deserve a wee bit of credit in their success :-)