Friday, May 26, 2006

Its been a while

Sorry for the lack of recent postings folks, I know how annoying it is when blogs I read aren't updated so mea culpa.

There are a lot of stories worth commenting on, but most of what i'd say has already been said so I won't bother with the duplication this time.

There are, however, two things I want to say.

First, i've noticed that Alberta Liberal leader Kevin Taft seems a LOT more comfortable in his own skin lately. I'm not sounding any warning bells yet, but my party should perhaps start taking him and his party more seriously.

Second, i'm REALLY getting excited about the move to BC. I was out there last week, and i'll be out a few more times before the permanent move happens and it really gets harder and harder to come "home" after each trip.

That said, the "home" question is one i've struggled with lately.

Regular readers will recall a rather bitter post regarding Fort McMurray and the things I won't miss about it. I'll admit I still have days where I feel that way, but a lot of those comments stemmed from my anger at the Fort McMurray stress-induced emergency that my Dad suffered back in March.

There are still things that I won't miss about Fort McMurray... fast/stupid drivers, our ongoing infrastructure woes, a lack of progressive vision for the community, etc. But I will miss the people and the atmosphere that built this city into what it is today. That became evident when I got to play tour guide for some friends last weekend who made their first (and likely only) visit to the Oilsands Capital of the World. For all of the problems we face up here, our story remains an incredible one.

And then there's the flip side.

I am overjoyed to be moving to a place where ideas are constantly being debated by citizens who, in my mind, are far more engaged. I look forward to being in a city where any amenity you could ask for is available, and where service is not a foreign concept. And of course, there's the weather (yes it rains, but you don't have to shovel rain). The downsides, of course, will be the very slow drivers, the higher taxes, and the much stronger presence of hardcore socialism.

My stint in Victoria could prove to be a 2 year learning experience that teaches me how good we have it in Alberta, the start of a long-term residency in BC, or anything in between.

Regardless, i'm looking forward to what lies ahead.

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