Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kevin Taft and Stephane Dion... same person? You decide.

You know, for a guy who seems so adamant about distancing himself from Stephane Dion and the Federal Liberals, you'd think Kevin Taft would avoid taking pages right out of Dion's playbook.

Yet that is exactly the scene that played itself in Calgary today.

Taft's media people put out THIS release suggesting that he would be available for comment after Premier Stelmach's news conference in Calgary this afternoon. Makes sense, right? He's the Leader of the Official Opposition and seems to be far more convinced than the average Albertan that he can become Premier, so why not get your message out right after Eddie does.

I guess he obviously wasn't expecting what the Premier announced since he blew past the media and opted to issue THIS statement instead. All that was missing was Dave Taylor being sent around to do hastily-prepared interviews a la Ignatieff.

It doesn't really matter, though. Any party that has Hugh MacDonald as their "Shadow Minister of Energy" would do just as well to keep their mouth shut and save themselves the embarassment.

Kevin Taft: He's just not up to the job.


  1. To say he was caught off-guard was an understatement. On TV, they showed him edging by reporters, with a "I will commment later" response. When they did not move out of the way, he had to go around.

    Not his best moment.

  2. It's nice that Kevin was embarrassed and all that.

    However, the reason he was embarrassed was that not-so-ready-or-steady Eddie did exactly what Taft would have done - taken a giant step toward pissing prosperity away again.

    Instead of rubbing your hands together and saying "excellent, excellent, he's fallen right into our trap", we should be asking WTF happended to the PC party of Alberta by thinking that pulling a Hugo Chavez (or Danny Williams) is going to be a good thing in the end?

  3. Have you read the report yet? Has anybody caught the most important two lines in the report that wil create a tonne of jobs and really spur the industry? Has anybody looked at the curves? This thing is not communist, it is not Chavez, it is not Williams. This is truly Albertan. Look at the numbers, especially the curves. Look at where they intersect and where the benefits are. This thing aint that bad. AlbertaTory, I would really like to get your opinion of this when you have read it and gave it some analysis. And look for the two biggest lines on page 9.