Thursday, July 5, 2007

Going neg'

There's a great little discussion going on at noisefromtheright and, subsequently, Larry Johnsrude's blog at the Journal. Its all about the idea of the Alberta PCs taking a more aggressive stand against our opponents.

Here's an excerpt of my note to Larry:

First, I think the time for firing back at Dave Bronconnier may have come and gone. Will's original post accurately reflected the situation at the time, but I think we've made some progress. The cabinet adjustment seems to have turned down the temperature in Mayor Bronco's office and i'm not sure what good it would serve to wake the proverbial sleeping dog.

The Alberta Liberals, on the other hand, are a worthwhile target. They, with the help of a few friendly media types, have had some luck in being painted as a moderate alternative. There is A LOT of ammunition for us as Alberta PCs to fire back at that notion.

But what form should it take? Government-paid political ads are obviously out. Party-paid ads are certainly within the realm of possibility and should be considered.

In the short-term, though, I think Premier Stelmach needs to identify a couple of "attack dogs" in cabinet/caucus to be at the ready whenever the Liberals make a contradictory or just plain wacky statement or proposal. This strategy has been executed wonderfully by our federal cousins through MPs like John Baird and Jason Kenney.

I agree entirely with the reader who says that the Premier should stay above the fray, as it were. But informally identifying a couple of aggressive members of caucus to correct the numerous flaws, contradictions, and inaccuracies in Alberta Liberal policy would allow us to set the record straight and regain some of the ground we may have lost over the last few months.

It would also allow us to show why the opposition just isn't up to the job and to show that we still have the energy and the passion to serve the best interests of Albertans.

Just my $0.02.

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