Thursday, November 9, 2006

The beginning of the end

It seems as though the discussion thread from the last post has become a hotspot for comment, so I thought I would bring everything into a new post and deal with a couple of other issues as well.

First, re: Nuclear Plants.
Jim did NOT say that it has to go on the NE Alberta wish list. He said that its an option that should be looked into further and I agree. At a time when we are already drawing too much water from the Athabasca and wasting much of our natural gas, we need to explore every option with an open mind. I'm leery about the idea of nuclear energy, but he's right about it being something that should be looked at.

Second, re: Offer to Hancock.
As i've stated here before, I am not a paid employee of the Dinning campaign. This is the first i've heard of an offer being made to Hancock, but I think anyone who is genuinely surprised about this doesn't understand the nature of this game very well. I suspect that other teams are making overtures as well. The differences here are that a) Being the perceived front-runners, our crew has a bit more clout and b) Not all candidates wives have blogs. This is not a dirty trick. Whoever talked to Hancock didn't say "if you don't, we'll smoke you and your family out of Whitemud and lock you in a dungeon"... they just suggested it was a time sensitive offer. And all of this aside, I think everyone recognizes that Dave Hancock is one of the smartest and most ethical people in the PC Alberta caucus, and that his intelligence, competence, and the fact that he represents an Edmonton riding will ensure he remains a force in Cabinet no matter who wins.

Third, re: Anonymous posting
It seems to me that this race has attracted many in the blogosphere who are always at the ready to mouth off about the issue du jour, but are rather shy when it comes to putting their name alongside their thoughts. Admittedly, I have been guilty of this myself over on Renewing The One Party State (for those who haven't yet figured it out, I have been posting as Tory Footsoldier). I do not necessarily disagree with the right to post anonymously, but I am putting a stop to it on this blog and its comments section.

Finally, re: This Blog
Over the past few weeks, my sense of disconnection with events in Alberta has grown considerably. Concurrently, my connection with people and issues in British Columbia has grown. I am finding myself increasingly "out of the loop" with respect to Alberta issues and events of the day. Given that, I have come to the decision that I will terminate this blog after the conclusion of the Alberta PC Leadership Race. I still have some knowledge of how PC Alberta and its people operate so I will continure to blog here (however infrequently) until the race is over. Once the new Premier and his Cabinet are chosen, though, it'll be lights out for albertatory.


  1. Two things - first I think what was said was a little more than just hurry up and come over... it was something like ""Since Dave will be at the very bottom of all candidates running, his careeer in politics will be over. He will never recover." And then the offer - "if Dave steps down now and comes over to Jim, we will see that he has a powerful cabinet position.""

    And second... I worked so hard on this blog I will be very sad to see it go! Perhaps you will reconsider?

  2. Jason HickmanNovember 10, 2006

    Blake - As long as you're blogging somewhere, my friend.

    And don't worry about anona-trolls. Almost everyone with an IQ above room temperature recognizes trolling when they see it, especially from anon. types. It rarely if ever reflects poorly on the host. While there are some potential liability issues which should cause you (and any blogger) to do what's necessary to remove coments that are clearly defamatory, that would apply whether or not you compel people to adopt a (likely fake) name.

    In short: unless it's libel, ignore whatever some anon. goof has to say, especially if it's trolling.

    And last - just in case you think I'm being too agreeable - I think your guy in AB may be in more trouble than he realizes, especially if ol' Steady Eddie makes his way into the top 3. From what (little) I know of this race and its mechanics, there is a potentially huge advantage to being everyone's second choice, as long as you make it into the 2nd round - and Ed S. seems to have a shot at that.