Thursday, September 7, 2006

An Albertatory in BC

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Well here I am, a British Columbian.

Some of you are probably wondering how I can say that, given that being Albertan has been so much a part of my identity.

Well that's true, of course. And i'm still very much Albertan at heart. So why am I labelling myself as a British Columbian?

Here's why:

One of the things that drove me nuts in McMurray were people who lived there, but didn't really "live" there. You know what I mean... they didn't care what was going on, spent all their weekends and most of their money out of town, didn't get involved in anything.

I have vowed not to become one of those people while i'm here in Victoria. I may only reside on this beautiful island for a few years, but so long as i'm here, this is my home and I will treat it as such.

That being said, you can be assured that i'll have lots to say about what is going on back in Alberta. Given that, i've decided to keep my original blog, albertatory, operational for those purposes.

So that's the deal... special just for you, my loyal readers. One Blake, two blogs. Alberta stuff on albertatory, BC stuff and life in general on blakeonthecoast.

Hope you enjoy the reads!


  1. Looking forward to following your new bipolar perspectives.

  2. Great attitude. I'm a Islander living in Alberta... and call myself an Albertan for the same reasons. If people ask I will say that I'm originally from the Island, spent some time in the Centre of the Universive, but am now a proud Albertan.

    BTW... it was reading your blog that got me up to speed on Alberta issues so I could at least sound like an intelligent Albertan, not a putz from somewhere else!