Sunday, June 25, 2006

A bifecta of comment

Hey y'all!

I'll apologize once again for the lack of blog consistency, life sometimes gets in the way of the internet.

A few things to talk about of late:

  • A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS go out to my cousin Jackie and her new husband Blake (as if the name alone isn't reason enough to love the guy). Jackie and Blake got married north of Edmonton this weekend and the whole event was just a ball. It was a real Alberta wedding, complete with hot rods, campers, and beer. One of the greatest parts was that nearly all of the Robert side of the family drove or flew in for the wedding. Since the last time we were all together was for my Grandmaman's funeral, it was really great to have everyone together for a happy occaision (and we know she was looking down on us all with a great big smile). It was the first family wedding in 13 years, so the whole thing was new for many of us. Anyway, here's to many happy years together for Blake and Jackie Trithart!

  • DINNING'S VISIT TO MCMURRAY WAS AWESOME. Although busy, I think we really managed to get Jim plugged into all of the issues that are going on here in the Oilsands Capital of the World. It was also a real priviledge for me to get to spend that much time one-on-one with someone I so deeply respect and admire. More than ever, I am dissapointed that I won't be around to do more to help Jim become Premier of this great Province. I know, though, that he will do a simply supurb job if Albertans chose to place their trust in him as I have.

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  1. Jim will put the province back on a path to greatness!


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